They have held

While other things have weakened

They remained strong

Like a dam

While pushed and threatened

While others spun stories

Trying to change reality

They stood firm

Holding the rushing waters back

Waves frequently breaking. against their wall

Yet it held

Like a dam

The more water that came

The fiercer it was

They held

They stood firm

They did not buckle

Yet it held

Like a dam

While there was an onslaught

Day after day

Never stopping

They stood firm

Never bending

Like a dam



Like a dam

A true warrior for justice



Bring a desire for warmth

For coffee or tea

Anything hot


So the heat caresses

The face

And the hands

Offering a hint of warmth

Cold mornings

Make getting out of bed

Difficult at best

The blankets


Calling one to stay


Asking us to stay

Under their protection

Cold mornings

Are refreshing

In their own way

With fresh air

Easy to breathe

And empty street’s

Cold mornings

Have their own charm



When cold runs through your hands

And your fingers grow numb

Your gloves don’t really work

And your nose is cold to the touch

It’s arrived

When your toes feel cold

And your body seeks warmth


With jackets, scarves or heat

Trying to seek some comfort

A brief respite

Even a spot of tea

Or hot chocolate

Or apple cider

With steam rising

The signs of the season have arrived

It’s winter



It’s a cold winters day

Fall is leaving for the year

The sun is out against a bright blue sky

There are a few white clouds

The wind is whipping through the trees at a frantic pace

The trees are almost bare

Grass has turned brown

Animals are seeking warmth

Huddled together

The air is. crisp and tickles the nose

It’s bitter, and biting against the skin

There’s a dusting of snow scattered around

People are out dressed in winter coats and hats

Cars struggle to start

Breath is visible in the air

Old man winter is knocking on the door once again



Crisp air

Leaves on the ground

Smells of pine

Hot chocolate in mugs

Egg nog and apple cider

It’s the season

Turkey cooking

Stuffed with special dressing

Family and friends all around

It’s the season

Holiday parades

Santa dressed up

Music in the air

It’s the season

Goodwill and peace

Feelings of gratitude

Quiet in the air

It’s the season

Bright colors everywhere

Trees decorated

Cities put on their best

It’s the season

Pies and cookies being baked

Snow gently falling

Fires burning slowly in fireplaces

It’s the season



It’s morning

Not early nor late

But as one rises

For the day

Its a time for rituals

Of life

Both of the body

And abode

A time for coffee


Changing clothes

Feeding the pet

A time to get ready

For what is to come

Whether work

Or something else


House chores

It’s the morning

Time to get going



We all need to belong

To have a special someone

Have a place to hang our hat

To put our feet up and call home

Where friends and family are



To something

To be loved and love

Without it we feel lost


Like a balloon loose in the sky

We all need to belong



To something greater than ourselves

We need to matter

We need to have a purpose

A reason to keep moving

We need to feel a place in this world

We all need to belong



We all want to be free

To feel we can do and be

As we choose

Without being controlled

We need to be able to find our way


Whether it’s taking a walk

Or shopping

Or sipping coffee

Or reading a book

Or just living

When freedom is taken away

Or stifled we feel smothered

Creativity ceases

The spirit grows quiet

Our light dims



Fall breezes gently blowing

Dark gray skies overhead

Muted clouds paint the sky

Fresh crisp air

Cleansing to the lungs

Bright colored leaves decorating the landscape

Red, orange and yellow

Like precious jewels

Rustling in the wind to their own melody

Offering their scent as perfume

Others hugging the branches ever so tightly

Hoping for another day

Before gently falling

Chimes softly ringing

Playing their own muted tune

It’s that time of year




It’s the little things in life

That make all the difference

Like saying good morning

Smiling at someone

Saying thank you

Offering a hug

That brighten up a mood

It’s the little things in life

That sweeten a day

Lift someone up

Lighten the world just a bit

It’s the little things in life

Like saying good morning

Offering a compliment

Sharing a joke


That make all the difference

It’s the little things in life

That make the difference



Barbara D. Maxwell

Barbara D. Maxwell


Former librarian and executive. Prior chief of staff to a former NFL player. Poet, writer, and traveler.