FYI, Donald Trump: We’re all nasty women.

Barbara Lee
Oct 20, 2016 · 1 min read

If I can briefly speak for all women, there was a moment during last night’s debate that left us all collectively shaking our heads: “She’s such a nasty woman.”

Of course, Hillary Clinton was unflinching in her response — she’s fielded worse attacks from the Donald. But instead of giving this comment even another moment’s pause, I immediately refreshed my Twitter feed knowing that something wonderful (and hilarious) was about to happen.

Since the beginning of this campaign, I’ve happily joined a feminist movement on Twitter: growing louder and fiercer as we near November 8th. In real time, people from all walks of life– millennials, Baby Boomers, people of color, young women, and even young men — are banding together to call out Donald Trump’s divisive and destructive rhetoric. In an election year that once silenced HRC supporters, we’re now seeing some of the loudest and enthusiastic voices speak up and say: Nasty Women are with her.

Below are some of my favorite tweets from last night.

She rocked it.

This election, I’m proud to be a nasty woman, too. When she wins, we win.

Barbara Lee

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