Edhi shb is brought up on the principles of courtesy , so he always proved himself as a very kind and softhearted person ,for people in need. once a handicap was being tortured by some evil boys edhi shb was a child at that time but still he tried to stop them and they beat E.shb so badly, for going against them E.shb said “if you have no good to give him ,give him nothing,but do not use God’s favor against him who has received none” and when E.shb come back home his mother encourage him by saying “ you gave voice to one who does not have one”.so this example inspire me so much because i always raises my voice when i see something wrong happening around me.

theme of my #just_start project is learn ridding bicycle . the goal is to get healthy and fit , but the foremost challenge to achieve it was maintaining balance on two wheels and managing time for it and to select location.

experience was really cool and i find it really interesting , and by this thing i learn is that world is beautiful outside my room and so called social life that is just restricted on social apps ,doing such activities are really helpful in inner satisfaction and health.so the next step is obviously to practice it more and making it part of my daily routine :) I.A…

but i am trying..
and am getting it.. :)
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