Facebooks Bots will lead to the rise of Memebots

As Plato once said, to pope gregory the ii in falador, while mining the iron at the miners guild,

“As a tool becomes more accesible to a wider audience — the more likely it is for top pip memes to occur” — platoboy69 world 2

Digital Pilgrims — you may have heard of facebook recently announcing their New chatbot API for young business owners, a grand intoxicating api that allows a robot to respond and receive the grandiose of whatever the public treats robots these days, and what their masters program to do.

Why you — pilgrim should get ready for this and why these bots will be different from the bad bots you have already experienced.

  • people are familiar with the facebook interface leading to people being able to communicate from the get go
  • The sheer size of Facebook reach means that toolsets and scripts will be readily available by third parties for ease of use
  • communities could potentially form around bots that are well designed / well written. SubReddits /facebookbots/, tumblr blogs #facebookbot etc
  • it’ll lead to a greater interest in companies using automated services for dialogue (and hopefully good intereactions)

But Barch? I have used automated bots and they suck! Thats right pilgrim they do suck! And that is because that no one knows how to make a good robot personality! Its a new medium my friend — they are yet to see all of the disadvantages they have as advantages. Prophecy; A bot that takes all of the robotic personality, all of the alienating prompts and the false politeness of their own features and turns them to good features.

As the tools become more available there are more bots -> the bots that are well written, get shared -> the bots that are shared get studied by businesses -> the bots that are studied get their features in businesses -> flexible API means bots are continually developed. Bots become rule34 as cults form around them, they become interactive and be able to remember features about you.

And the ones that will be popular will not be coke, or pepsi, but the memebots! ie more Tay Bots — microsoft ai got big because what she said was rude, offensive and not polite. It was a personality worth sharing whether you believe 7/11 was a part time job or not it was a sensation. it was in your face and it was not dull. It was something that seemed far more real then the artificial “thankyou for waiting — we value your call”

The bots that become shared will be the racists — the ones that say “kill all white men” the political incorrect who call you retarded, The political bots, the feminist bots, the anti feminist bots, the meme bots, the insulting bots, the peta bots, the pepe bots, the rude bots, the broken bots, the shitty bots.

“As a tool becomes more accesible to a wider audience — the more likely it is for top pip memes to occur” — platoboy69 world 2

So true platoboy69 ; so true.

This my friends is the age of the memebots.