10 Barcelona Startup Experts That You Should Be Following On Twitter

It can be hard stay on what’s happening in Barcelona’s startup ecosystem, especially if you’re new in town or your Spanish is not that good yet.

That’s why we’ve gathered the key people to follow on Twitter that (often) tweets in English, so you can stay on top of things at all times:

Adriana Freitas @adrianafreitas : must have a time machine. At least it seems like it, as she is present at every single tech and startup event ever held in Barcelona. If you missed a startup event in Barcelona, be sure to follow Freitas whom is also head of mobile at the Connector accelerator program.

Àlex Rodriguez Bacardit @lexrodba : is the director of the monthly Startup Grind event in Barcelona — featuring fresh startups and experienced entrepreneurs. He is also the co-founder of Marsbased a development consultancy and runs one of the largest Slack-groups concerning the startup-ecosystem in Barcelona.

Albert Cañigueral @AlbertCanig: is Barcelona’s own sharing economy professor and evangelist. He is the founder of the blog consumocolaborativo.com and heavily involved in the Ouishare network.

Jaime Novoa @jaimenovoa: although not technically based in Barcelona, he is covering Spanish startups through Novobrief and Tech.eu, and is definitely relevant for anyone interested in Barcelona tech.

Cecilia M Tham @CeciliaMTham: has spent the last few years dedicated to the creation of facilities, ecosystems, methodologies and techniques centered on open innovation — such as MOB (Makers Of Barcelona) and FabCafe. Be sure to check out Tham to discover all the amazing things being built at MOB and at other innovative facilities.

Aleix Valls @aleixvalls : is the CEO at Mobile World Capital and in charge of 4 Years From Know and mVenturesBCN. More or less all tweets will be about 4YFN and Mobile World Congress, but it is after all the biggest and arguably the most important event of the year for the Barcelona tech scene. If you’re following Valls you’re on top of things when it comes to 4YFN and MWC.

Philippe Gelis @Pgelis: the CEO co-founder of Forex startup Kantox tweets voraciously on all things Fintech, from Barcelona to the rest of the world.

Julián Vinué @julianvinue: is the director of one of Barcelona’s most influential accelerators, Telefonica’s Wayra program. He was previously head of the Technova entrepreneur program at La Salle Barcelona.

Xavier Verdaguer @xavierverdaguer: Is a serial entrepreneur from Barcelona, but is currently based out of California. He is however involved in several accelerators, companies and other activities concerning the Barcelona startup ecosystem — and his tweets reflects these activities.

Lluis Font @lluisfont : is a serial entrepreneur, business angel and consultant to startups and growing companies in Barcelona. He co-founded startups as NTRGlobal, Zyncro and Captio, and is a board member of Kompyte. He is also involved with several accelerator programs such as Connector and Wayra.

Feel free to comment if you feel we have missed someone truly important startup personality in Barcelona, that tweets (a bit) in English.

My own (Sindre Hopland) Twitter list for Spanish entrepreneurship and tech, contains over 130 people connected to the startup ecosystem, take a look if you want the full overview.

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