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Giza Update.

I just returned from the Great Pyramid at Giza where I and a research assistant attempted to measure the tiny concavity which makes the 7th Wonder of the Ancient World the only 8-sided pyramid we know of.

It’s shy though. It only shows itself for a mere 10~15 seconds on the equinoxes. And only from the air.

We had to use special laser measuring technology (which turned into somewhat of an adventure, to say the least).

If you’d like to be among the first to see the results and find out what this might mean for the two preciously guarded orthodox paradigms of literature and Egyptology, tune in to my exclusive webinar presentation this Sunday, Feb 19th, 11am, PST.

Sign-up is FREE but register soon as seating may be limited. (Advisory: apparently it’s best to use Chrome as browser when signing up.)

I shall be including the findings from Egypt as well as bringing us all up to speed on the sacred geometry hidden within the title page of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

I’ll also be including a thorough documentation of why I believe John Dee was the mastermind behind this superb and stunning mathematical encryption. Hope to see you there.

If you can’t make it the program will be archived at

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