Don’t listen too much to your inner voice

Barend Jungerius
Mar 19, 2017 · 2 min read

Last Thursday I attended a small event where someone was speaking about crowdfunding. It turned out the second half of the evening was a workshop, so I ended up pitching my startup after a 10 minute preparation. The pitch went ok, more practice will make it perfect ;-) Afterwards people told me they were really impressed with the product I just told them about. They also added I shouldn’t be too modest when pitching: “You just said you built the fastest and easiest website builder currently available, that is amazing! Be super proud of it man!”.

They were right, I am a modest guy and I guess it’s in our nature to over estimate what others are doing while underestimating our own achievements. Well, at least it’s in my nature and while working on this crazy plan of mine for the last couple of years I got to know myself a lot better. Especially in the many months I was working on Zitecraft by my self I experienced multiple periods in which I lost faith totally even leading to depression. Somehow I managed to climb out again to continue the struggle of realizing my ambitious plan with renewed energy.

I read and heard building, and especially selling, something that is new and disruptive is really difficult and the journey to get there can be compared with a ride in a roller coaster. My ride only just began but I’ve had some pretty exiting turns already, one was being invited by Heineken to talk about a potential partnership. I know my teammates and I are close to the first looping and maybe one of the biggest breweries in the world will push us into a double loop, time will tell.

So my point is be proud of what you do and don’t underestimate your achievements. Your inner voice is not objective at all and can be very deceiving. Keep talking to people because they might just tell you something that will push you forward.

Barend Jungerius

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#Chatbot consultant building as a side project.

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