Don’t Be A Whitebait…or you will end up grounded.

This year an unusual phenomenon occurred along the coastline here in Lyme Vegas and spread all the way to Portland Bill.

The bass were chasing the mackerel.

The mackerel were chasing the whitebait.

The whitebait were swimming for their lives.

The unusual part of this process was the size of it, thousands of fish were right up close to the shore. The water was literally bubbling with life. The whitebait ended up with nowhere to go. They hit land, jumped and hence the beaches were lined with a silver scaly carpet.

The fishermen have never known anything like it. They were hauling in hundreds of fish everyday. And believe me, it must be a phenomenon as some of the fishermen here match the coastline; Jurassic, with many a long fishy tale to tell.

It was a modern day miracle. You could have put your hand into the sea from the shore and pulled out fistfuls of fish. Extraordinary.

Don’t swim with the crowd or you will end up stuck. Grounded like the whitebait. Stand for the things that make you unique and special. Make sure you live them every day knowing full well that you have all you need to be exceptional. Don’t be small, be huge, stand-up and stand out.

Chris Baréz-Brown. Author, Speaker & Business Beatnik. Upping Your Elvis.

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