Deep Dive into Unicorn Land

We have untertaken a deep dive into the fascinating world of unicorns (startups with a valuation of at least $1bn). Once a mystical species and considered extinct, they started breeding again after the financial crisis in 2008.

This is Where They Stand in 10 Facts:

  1. There are currently 194 unicorns worth $674bn across the globe
  2. Uber is a real UberCorn with a valuation of $68bn (or 10% of global unicorn value)
  3. More than half of global unicorns live in the US (103 unicorns or 54%)
  4. Germany is home to 4 unicorns, none of which makes it into the Top 35
  5. Most unicorns are eCommerce startups (35 unicorns or…

Our Core Business: Barkow Consulting Financial Research

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You might be aware, that a strong arm of our business model is financial research. The chart below describes our research approach, which we call „Intelligent Data“:

It is unsurprising that data is the lifeline of our research activities.

In other words: Without Data, No Research & No Insights!

Recent Events Require New Products — Launching Barkow Consulting Post Factual Research

On the other hand, we pride ourselves of spotting future developments early and like to have products in place, when or at best even before things happen.

Therefore, the overwhelming success of post factualism in recent elections and the media has not gone unnoticed to us. Consequently, we think it is now time to take action and have decided to expand our product range. …

The FinTech Fairy Tale

We hope you enjoy the read, which should not be taken too literally.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Barkow Consulting Team

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Peter Barkow

Themes: #corporatefinance, #capitalmarkets, #realestate, #startups, #banks & combinations of the above. Impressum:http://www.barkowconsulting.com/impressum/

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