Prince Iduh the man of wisdom.

Episode one

The man looking so tired and helpless, decided to pull himself together and continue with his great quest to the hills of ogbudu, with blood stains all over his sack like clothing. As he moved a little further, he found a dirty stream and quickly rushed toward it, to quench his thirst. Knowing that this might be the last lake he will encounter before the great hills of ogbudu, he gulped enough water using his palm. As he keeps drinking and at the same time washing his wound and blood stains away from his body, he kept pondering upon the fierce battle he just had with the evil wolf I'm the forest of Ankpechi. He remembered how he was being swept off balance and almost becoming a delicious meal for the wolf, bit for the saving grace of his spear which Pierced directly through the heart of the evil wolf.

The scorching heat from the sun brought him back to reality; as he looked up beyond the stream, before him across the stream lies the great hills of ogbudu. Knowing his quest was almost over, he opens his sheep skin bag to check the gift of the villagers to the evil and powerful agent of Alekwu (The living dead) dwelling in the hills beyond.

The man having crossed the stream, hastened towards the hill with a new determination.

On reaching the hills of ogbudu, he breaks three eggs to grant him safe passage into the caves within.

He keeps staggering towards the strange pot lying in the cave. As he finally reach the pot and tries to pick it, a strange looking being appears with two heads with two horns each and claws on his hands and toes. The man quickly rushes backward and bow before the strange being before him.

The man speaks up in awe 'I am thy humble servant, Prince Iduh Olokwukwutecho Ejeh. The great king of the kingdom of Ankpechi.'

Iduh dips his hands deep into his sheep skin bag, to reveal the heart of princess Onya; who was sacrificed to cleance the land of its curse from the gods of the land.

On seeing the still bleeding heart in the hand of the Prince, the strange being laugh aloud horribly, receives the heart and disappear into tin air.

Iduh wasted no more time. On seeing the strange being was gone, he quickly picks up the pot and hurries towards his kingdom.

Continues in the next episode....

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