The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

It took 3 weeks to get an apology that, frankly, doesn’t even read like an apology. It reads like a sorry excuse for damage control now that Jason has realized just how badly he’s screwed up. Really, I’m not quite sure if this is the biggest self drag I’ve ever seen a show runner post, or if this is just the same skewed self praise we’ve seen from him from MINUTES after Lexa’s death.

3 days ago, you said that you wouldn’t have changed anything — that you would have told the exact same story. Today, with Wondercon right around the corner, you say that if you had known, things might have happened differently. But notice how he never said that the situation might have happened differently — he said that, and I quote “ Knowing everything I know now, Lexa’s death would have played out differently.” Either way, Lexa was going to die, wasn’t she? Either way, you were going to kill off your lesbian for shock value and a pathetic excuse for a plot that you could pull out of her neck before her body was even cold. Lexa was dead either way — she was dead the minute you put her on the show.

I really hope everyone sees through this line of utter bullshit. Too little, too late. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the incessant baiting, the selling of the ship to gain viewers, the leaks of the kisses to draw us in. Don’t think we’ve forgotten how you called us bullies (and then deleted the retweet, because that’s what you do), how you’ve praised every inch of your story on Twitter while lgbt girls and boys around the world screamed into their pillows because this keeps happening. Don’t think we’ve forgotten how you said you were different, how you said she was going to live, how you said that you wouldn’t do this. Because we haven’t — and we won’t.

You weren’t revolutionary. You weren’t different. You used the exact same trope, the exact same idea that occurred 14 years prior on BTVS that aired on the EXACT SAME NETWORK. The only thing original about this situation is how much you’ve repeatedly screwed up after the fact. You had the lesbian killed by her father figure because he disapproved of her love. Really, how is that original in the world we live in? How can you claim originality with that thought in 2016, in the world where that happens more than we’d like to acknowledge? Oh, right. You can’t.

We deserved better. You, however, deserve every ounce of shit being thrown your way. Karma’s a bitch, Jason.