Week 3 NFL power rankings.

The Dregs of the League:

32. Cincinnati Bengals: Oof. This team is bad. The only good news is that Mixon and Lawson look like home run picks. But their O-line is horrible and they need to trade Hill or Bernard to clear up their rotation.

31. Cleveland Browns: Good news is that Kizer is a potential franchise QB. The bad news is that their roster is a disaster area. But they have the future picks.

30. Los Angles Chargers: The Bolts are a motley group. They have amazing talent in some areas, and they have giant holes in too many other areas.

29. San Francisco 49ers: I seriously think that the 49ers are tanking the 2017 season so that they can choose from “Kirk Cousins and Saquon Barkley” or “Josh Rosen/Sam Darnold and free agent bonanza”

28. New York Giants: 90% of the Giants’ problem could be fixed if they framed Erik Flowers for a felony and replaced him with a competent left tackle. The other 10% would be if they found a different offensive coordinator.

27. Miami Dolphins: With Tannehill, they could be an 8–8 team. But they just have so many holes. The O-line needs work, the LB corps needs help and Gase is struggling as an offensive caller.

Don’t make any playoff plans:

26. Houston Texans: Watson’s not the answer right now. He just doesn’t have the gun. But that defense could keep them in a lot of games. I don’t get why they didn’t try to sign Adrian Peterson and use him & Miller a lot.

25. Indianapolis Colts: When and if Luck comes back, they could be good. They’ve improved the roster, but they still have a lot of holes.

24. Chicago Bears: I can’t say that they’re awful, but they’re also not good. Cohen and Howard are really good RBs and they’ve stockpiled some talent. But they’ll struggle against good teams.

23. New York Jets: Jamal Adams is really, really good. The rest of the team is really, really so-so.

22. Buffalo Bills: There’s some stuff to work with here and McDermott is a good coach. All those extra picks might make them a good team before long. Right now…

21. Arizona Cardinals: Bad O-line, Palmer is struggling and no Johnson. Even their great defense can’t cover for that.

20. New Orleans Saints: All that investment in their defense and it’s still pretty bad. Sorry Drew, you deserved better.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Their defense does nothing for me. The d-line is hit and miss and their lbs corps outside of David is meh. The offense looks disjointed for now as well.

Mostly Harmless:

18. Seattle Seahawks: Carroll and Schneider are paying the price for dumping Unger for Graham. Graham will soon be off the team and their O-line is still bad.

17. Washington Redskins: They’ve improved since taking the ball out of Cousins’ hands and going with more running+short passing. Their defense still will struggle with speed on the outside. How long can this last? Who knows.

16. Baltimore Ravens: Great defense, but Flacco is a mess, their running game is a mess and their O-line is bad. It’s going to be a long year in Charm City.

15. Los Angeles Rams: Great coaching, but talent holes on both sides of the ball. They need ILBs, safeties and an offensive line. but at least Goff looks good.

14. Carolina Panthers: They made a big mistake dumping Oher for Kalil. If they can ever find a good O-Line, they could be a serious contender.

Lurking behind the pack:

13. Denver Broncos: Great defense, subpar offense. They really need to find a consistent running game.

12. Philadelphia Eagles: They have some big obvious holes(LB and interior Oline), but Wentz is growing into his draft spot. Getting Darby back would help their defense.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars: Great defense+running the ball well. But I can’t take them seriously until I see Bortles take over a game.

10. Tennessee Titans: I don’t know how this is possible but a Mike Mularkey coached team is well coached. They have a simple formula to run the ball well and hurt people on defense.

9. Detroit Lions: They’ve found some good D-line combinations and should get Decker back later in the season. This is a team no one wants to see in January.

8. Green Bay Packers: They still don’t have a top flight corner(but King might get there by the end of the season). If their O-line can get healthy, they move up the “serious contender.”

7. New England Patriots: Brady and that offense keeps them in games because their defensive front 7 just isn’t good. Gilmore and the secondary is effective, but they can’t close down good offenses.

6. Minnesota Vikings: If/when they get Bradford back, it’s time to take this team seriously. They know what they’re doing on both sides of the ball.

Serious Contenders:

5. Dallas Cowboys: Getting players back from injury and suspension. They’re doing this with basically nothing at Corner right now. Losing Elliott would be a blow, but if he’s back for the playoffs, he’ll be fresh.

4. Oakland Raiders: The loss to Washington showed that they were getting complacent. They also saw their big flaws now instead of in December: they need to work on their pass blocking and find a deep threat.

3. Atlanta Falcons: I suspect that they’re an outdoor/indoor team. If they have to go outside in January to play, they’ll struggle. I really like their defense though.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: A team that’s working through injuries and Bell getting into shape/playing form. If they’re healthy and focused come December, watch out.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: they’re here as a result of great coaching. On paper, this is a marginal playoff team, but they’re blowing the doors off of teams. They need Hill, Hunt and Houston to stay healthy though.
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