A strategy for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to succeed
Owen Jones

Some good ideas here. I don’t entirely agree with every point but definitely worth consideration and further discussion. The one criticism I have is that you point to evidence on canvassing to support a rolling continual canvassing effort. The evidence is that canvassing works as part of a GOTV campaign. It is ineffective in persuading people to change voting patterns. I remain unconvinced that untargeted, badly focussed and relatively unorganised canvassing between elections has any significant impact on voter behaviour. It just strikes me as mostly a waste of time and resources and is in large measure nothing more than masturbatory behaviour. My experience of a lot of Labour canvassing is that it is not well integrated, or targeted into the wider GOTV campaigns and its effectiveness is thus reduced. It can have a positive social aspect and a sense of activity for Labour members but the kind of week in week out canvassing my local area party indulges in still strikes me as mostly ineffectual. Worse I think sometimes the fact some choose not to take part is then used to denigrate them as not ‘real’ members because they are not ‘properly’ active. Labour should be looking to build a stronger audit of its members skills and experiences and creating new ways for members to use those in a variety of activities, not just carrying on with a one size fits all approach.

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