Keeping Your Natural Stone Shower Clean: Tips on How to Prevent and Remove Build-up on your Natural Stone Shower:

Keeping the shower clean is a hard job, and most people find that the grime can creep up on the walls rather quickly and unnoticed. Ideally, people will develop a schedule to clean the shower every few days and prevent this buildup, but this is often easier said than done. However, there are some steps homeowners can take to keep their showers clean and ready for use throughout the months.

Know What’s Safe for Your Natural Stone Shower

The first step is determining what cleaning materials are safe for use on the shower surface. Many people are moving away from fiberglass because it’s easily scratched by abrasive cleaners, and some acidic chemicals can damage fine natural stone. When cleaning any shower, start by learning more about the cleaning options that are available.

In the case of granite and other natural stones, consider going with specially formulated cleansers that are specifically formulated for natural stone. One example would be Granite Gold Shower Cleaner because it’s pH balanced, non-acidic, and ammonia-free. When homeowners are desperate to get the shower cleaned and don’t have the special formulas on hand, they can also use a mixture of one part laundry bleach and one part water to remove buildup without damaging the granite.

Take the Time to Clean Clean Your Natural Stone Shower Frequently

Most cleaning products work by loosening the buildup so that it can be wiped away, and this requires a little patience on the homeowner’s part. Spray your product or the bleach and water mixture on the walls and other surfaces, allow it to sit for 15 minutes, and then rinse the solution and dirt away with water. Tough to remove residue can be scrubbed gently with a sponge. The friction will help remove the buildup and with a sponge you wont have to worry about scratching the finish of the stone.

Remember Ventilation and Air Circulation

Ventilation is the key to keeping most buildup and mold problems away. After getting out of the shower, homeowners are encouraged to leave the curtain or doors slightly open at each end to let air circulate through the shower. Once the walls are dry, close the curtains and spread them out so that the fabric can also dry without developing mildew.

It is also important for people to remember the ventilation as they work through the cleaning process. Fumes from cleaners can build up in enclosed spaces and irritate the nasal passages or eyes, but homeowners can protect themselves by cracking a window or running the vent while cleaning the shower.

Protection Versus Cure — Seal Your Natural Stone Shower Frequently

Being proactive and protecting your natural stone makes it much easier to clean. When you seal your surface frequently, buildup is easier to remove. Homeowners can spend more time enjoying their shower and less time scrubbing mildew. Special sealers will prevent mold from taking root in the stone and grout and ensure that the shower tiles don’t fall prey to soap buildup and other residues. Granite Gold Sealer is a great product for this it is sprayed onto the clean surface and then wiped off, so applying the sealer is fast and easy.

Homeowners want their showers and bathrooms to look great and be ready for company, but they may not have the time or inclination to spend hours scrubbing the shower wall. Fortunately with the right tools, treatment, and frequency, keeping the shower clean can be a fast and simple process that busy homeowners can easily handle.

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