Self-awareness; an unspoken language

I was young, in middle school being raised by a 4'9" single Japanese mom. Anytime I would get into trouble my mom would say in broken English ‘Do not dishonor your family, do not dishonor YOURSELF!’. Like something from an 80's Karate movie. True story.

Years have passed and I’ve found that my self-awareness became a voice. It took a while to understand why random people would walk up to me and ask, ‘Hey, what do you do?’. It happened quite often. Then I realized, I do the same to others. But why? So I figured it out.

Everyone, I mean everyone has a walk, a mannerism, a posture, an engagement level, an overall presence that, good or bad, says a thousand words. For those that don’t understand, and are not aware of this language, well… they are truly lost. Believe it or not, everyday we have an audience. This audience may include your next employer, your next mentor, your next love interest, your next best friend etc.. You never know who they’ll be but you better believe they are watching, feeling your presence. The way your actions resonate will either attract or push people away. That’s pretty powerful.

Thank you for reading.


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