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Being the Opposite of a Conservative Doesn’t Make Me a Liberal

I get quite a bit of hate mail. I’m not complaining — I’m grateful that anyone cares enough to write to me, positively or negatively, and I don’t believe either side.

But one of the most common words the haters use for me is “liberal.” (It’s interesting that the word, which means generous, is so often used as a pejorative.) I hope I’m a liberal person — but I am not, and never have been, “a liberal.”

Liberals don’t really oppose an unjust and brutal system. They merely think it should be less unjust and brutal. They offer no solutions, but yell, “Less! Less!” from the gallery. They essentially trust hierarchy and authority. They believe that the status quo is morally valid, and that it only needs to be run more efficiently and more fairly. They don’t really object to slavery, they just think the slaves should be treated better.

I don’t want less of a culture of greed and exploitation — I want another culture. I don’t want a less illiterate society — I want a literate one. Slightly diluted poison is still poison. For as long as we are “liberals,” our society will continue to destroy itself and other societies, no matter which arm of the corporate body we vote into office.