Glasgow: The Low Road

I had forgotten about the light in Glasgow. How dark it seems, even at the peak of daylight. That, and how the cold air seems to scrape your face, and how your glasses steam up when you go indoors after walking even a few blocks. I hadn’t forgotten how green it is, but I had forgotten how it feels to walk miles of urban parkway.

It’s been three decades since I wandered the abandoned railway tunnels. I tried to get in near Kelvinbridge, but, when I found it, it was blocked.

When I was a child, the walk from Raeberry Street along Garriochmill Road and down into Kelvingrove Park was called The Low Road. It was wild, broken, overgrown, and I used to pretend it was the African jungle and I was Tarzan. The River Kelvin was polluted and dead.

Now the park is well-kept, and the river has friends…

And there are so many fish in the water that you need a permit to catch them.

​The ghosts of the old mill are still around:

More than 40 years ago, I feared this tunnel under a bridge.

As I walked under it, I imagined iron railings dropping at each end, locking me in forever.

This is what I saw shortly after I walked through the tunnel:

It’s good to be back.

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