M.V. Moorhead says “Vote for the crook” — & we should take heed

I’m one of those who regard Hillary Clinton with “visceral disgust,” as my friend M.V. Moorhead puts it in this powerful, important column. Unlike Moorhead, I’m not a “moderate liberal,” or a liberal of any kind; I’m a socialist, and there is barely a single policy of Clinton’s that I agree with. And, while I disagree with Moorhead on several points, especially his blaming Ralph Nader for the presidency of George W. Bush (I gave Moorhead a hard time when he voted for Gore), I find his overall argument convincing, especially when he says:

I’ll be told that this attitude holds back the possibility of third parties achieving political relevance. That seems, first of all, like a small short-term price to pay to avoid a Trump presidency, and second of all I don’t think that is what holds third parties back. Third parties could perhaps gain some clout in the U.S. if they received long-term advancement on a grassroots level — if supporters devoted slow, serious effort to electing, say, Green Party candidates to city councils or corporation commissions or state legislatures, and over decades paved the way to a national profile.
But grabbing for the White House would be an overreach even if it was possible. I’m skeptical that, even if Jill Stein or Gary Johnson or whoever somehow could be elected President, they would be able to function effectively even as reformers, plopped down in the Oval Office within the current system.

I urge everyone to read the whole piece.

Originally published at barrygraham.xyz.