Portland’s reminder that it’s expensive to be poor — and why you should vote for Chloe Eudaly

I was walking in Northeast Portland, on Martin Luther King Blvd. The farther North of Rosa Parks I walked, the fewer stores I saw — I went at least three miles without seeing a supermarket, or anything but fast food chains and convenience stores. To live there and have enough food to eat, you either need a car, or to take frequent bus trips at $2.50 a trip.

I talked to someone who lives in an apartment in the Dekum neighborhood, but who won’t be there much longer. Rent on the apartment has increased 47% in less than a year, according to the tenant, and now everyone in the complex is being evicted, “Because the owners want to make even more money.”

Half of the people of Portland are renters, and we can be evicted without fault, or by being priced out by rent increases, and protection is nil. Rent control is illegal in Oregon.

The Portland celebrated in most media is not most of Portland. It’s becoming less and less possible for anyone to live here unless they’re wealthy. A housing crisis has been declared by the city, but declaring it a crisis isn’t the same thing as doing something about it, and Charlie Hales is both a weak Mayor and a lackey for the developers.

This is why it’s imperative to elect local entrepreneur and activist Chloe Eudaly, who has confirmed that she’s running for City Council. Affordable housing is her priority, but she’s not a single-issue candidate or a “novelty” or “citizen” candidate. Like her or not, she’s been a prominent figure in Portland for more than two decades, and is as savvy as she is passionate.

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