Developing a Better Doctor/Patient Relationship

Our expert is the recipient of three Patients’ Choice Awards and three On Time Physician Awards. Our own medical expert is proud of his honors because they reflect the level of trust and confidence that his patients have in him. He has been there ever since. Below he offers advice for new doctors.

It is important for all doctors, from general practitioners to specialists with years of advanced training, to understand how their bedside manner can positively affect a patient during the course of each encounter. Even the briefest, positive encounter can give an anxious patient a much-needed boost.

At this Arizona practice, our expert offers wellness exams along with specialized care, including high-risk pregnancies, menopause symptoms, abnormal bleeding, infertility, birth control, hysterectomies, pelvic pain and cervical polyps. As he knows, survey after patient survey have shown that brief encounters between patients and their doctors leave those patients with an unsatisfying sense of the doctor-patient relationship. He has a well-earned reputation for having a great bedside manner. He says it behooves everyone in the medical profession, but doctors in particular, to provide each patient with their fullest attention and the best practice that they can give.

Our expert says doctors should understand the distinction between the science of medicine and the art of medicine. After practicing in Illinois for many years he relocated to Arizona and established his current office in 2008.

Barry Littlejohn is an Arizona doctor who has been practicing medicine since 1984, when he graduated from the Loyola University School of Medicine and began his residency. Ever since then he has been making quite a name for himself by being determined and dedicated to his craft in a way that many are not. He is truly an example of what it means to be an expert medical practitioner as well as member of the community.