Imagine Having An Airport Named After Your Father

A fellow passenger

Caroline Kennedy has had a distinguished career and is our Ambassador to Japan. This is a bio of her:

For my generation, we’ll always think of her first, as the young daughter of President John F. Kennedy. Caroline was five days away from her sixth birthday when President Kennedy was assassinated.

On January 2, 2008, my wife and I were flying from Amsterdam to JFK Airport. We saw Caroline Kennedy there and she was taking our flight. Now if I was a big fan of Caroline, I would have gotten the courage to go over and say hello. Being that I respect her, but not much more, I did not say anything.

When we got to New York, I saw her waiting for her luggage in the same area as me. I wonder what went through her mind as we both heard an announcement that said, “Welcome to John F. Kennedy Airport.”

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