Annabelle, Shea and Sarah change the world, one fashion blog and photo at a time

THE Annabelle Fleur!

When I started to follow Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr earlier this decade, I noticed certain women showing up again and again. It wasn’t necessarily big named stars like Sophia Vergara. It was women in their mid-to-late 20s. They weren’t unapproachable like Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen. They seemed like “girl-next door” types or among the more attractive of your social media friends who would interact with you from time-to-time. They have blogs and they’re all over social media. Three or four times a week they post seven or eight pictures of themselves. They look great but not overly glamorous. If you put them on your Pinterest board, it’s a problem of plenty.

Annabelle Fleur has a blog called Viva Luxury and this Annabelle’s story. She’s from California and I think of her as a ”California cool” though I wish I could think of a better name. You can Follow Annabelle Fleur on Twitter and on Instagram where she is closing in on over 800,000 followers.

THE Shea Marie!

Shea Marie has a blog called Peace Love Shea and this is Shea’s story.

She’s from California and is the California Girl that The Beach Boys sing about. You can follow Shea Marie on Twitter and Instagram where she has over 1.1 million followers.

Sarah Vickers has a blog called Classy Girls Wear Pearls. This is an interview with Sarah from 2012. You can follow Sarah on Twitter and Instagram where she’ll soon have 500,000 followers . She’s from Rhode Island and represents the preppy lifestyle.

Sarah and her husband Kiel James Patrick who owns KJP, the preppy-inspired clothing brand

All three have interacted with me on Twitter and I appreciate it. And they’re fun to follow throughout social media. They were the first fashion icons I followed on social media during the early part of this decade and I’m glad their following is bigger than ever!

THE Sarah Vickers!

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