Stop Me (or Encourage Me) Before I Post These Quotes in a Professional Blog

This fall (or is it this autumn?), I may (or may not) start some sort of professional blog to promote my work-related endeavors. I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea. I don’t feel my advice is the standard to how one should develop their career. Also, I don’t want to start controversy. But two different web developers have told me if I want a professional home page to show up higher in SEO results, I need to blog. So I’ll probably tell people what I do, put in some advice that won’t get anyone in trouble and throw in a lot of non-controversial travel posts to show my personal side.

While political posts and sometimes sports posts can make our blood boil, we usually accept the quotes we see. They’re usually some sort of variation of “early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. Some successful person assures us if you do your best and show up on time for work that good things will come your way. The reverse probably won’t. But I’m always on the look-out for quotes that are true which speak to me, or show some wisdom or make me laugh. The best is when all these come together. I was thinking of maybe using a list of quotes like these in a forthcoming professional blog post. I would have to take out a couple of partisan Harry Truman quotes I like or former New York Yankees’ owner Jake Rupert who said: “My idea of a good baseball game is when the Yankees score five runs in the first inning and then slowly pull away” though that’s probably true for your favorite baseball team. Not sure how relevant dog quotes are and…well, anyway, here are some favorite quotes of mine. Hopefully they will inspire, make you learn and laugh, won’t get me in trouble and increase my blog’s SEO if I do go forward with a professional blog:

“If you don’t lie, you won’t have to remember what you said.”-Senator George Aiken

“Does anyone have any questions for my answers?” — Henry Kissinger

“It is always a risk to speak to the press: They are likely to report what you say.” — Hubert H. Humphrey

“If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.”-Steven Tyler

“I don’t care what anyone calls me as long as it isn’t true.” — Harry Truman

“Don’t look at the hole in the doughnut. Look at the whole doughnut.”-Branch Rickey

“Walk east until your hat floats.”-Milton Berle speaking to a heckler from the audience

“But it’s pretty easy to say that was my advice and had it been taken, everything would have been perfect.”-Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK)

“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”-Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

“You’re only as old as the person you feel up and I’m 25.”-Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice upon meeting Nelson Mandela in 1997 (this one I might not post in a professional blog post though Ginger Spice is a wise person).

“The Rolling Stones & Spice Girls may seem very different but their fan base is the same; men in their 40s”- Loudon Wainwright III in 1998 (we’re now pushing 60 and 60+).

“If you can’t do what you want to do by 1:00AM, it’s time to go home.” — Billy Martin

“I’ve hit .360 and I’ve hit .240 and tried just as hard both times.” — Joe Torre

“I don’t think you can shock an audience anymore. Me cutting my head off is a great illusion, but when you turn on CNN and there’s a guy really getting his head cut off, it does dilute what I did.” — Alice Cooper

“When you’re 20, you can’t imagine being 30. When you’re 30, you can’t imagine being 40. When you’re 40, you can’t imagine being 100.” — Keith Richards

“I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.”-Francis Bacon (I read the quote in the final book written by Sir Roger Moore called “À Bientôt”).

“If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you.”-Calvin Coolidge

“ That was absolutely perfect, without being actually any good.”-The Spice Girls’ manager in Spice World commenting on their singing Say You’ll Be There.

“You mean right now?” — Yogi Berra being asked what time it is

“It hurts too much to laugh but I’m too old to cry.”-Adlai Stevenson after losing the 1952 Presidential Election

“I’ve stopped telling people my problems. 80% of them don’t care and the other 20% are glad you have the problems instead of them.”-Tommy Lasorda

“There are so many unforgettable moments, you can’t remember them all.”-Yogi Berra talking about the great moments in the history of the New York Yankees. (maybe too Yankees- inspired but you get the Yogism).

“Fourteen heart attacks and he had to die in my week. In MY week!”-Janis Joplin after being dropped off the front page of Newsweek by the death of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“If there were simple answers, we would have found them long ago.”-British Prime Minister John Major

“A lot of people my age are dead and you could look it up.”-Casey Stengel

“Ask not for whom the dog barks. He barks for thee.”-Unknown

“The headless chicken can only know where he’s been. He can’t see where he’s going. Do not be that chicken.”-Sir Roger Moore in Spice World

“When the rabbit of chaos is pursued by the ferret of disorder through the fields of anarchy, it is time to hang your pants on the hook of darkness. Whether they’re clean or not.”-Sir Roger Moore in Spice World (you can see I’m a Spice Girls fan. Might have to drop that-or have more of those quotes).

“I’m not a genius, I’m just a hard-working guy.”-Brian Wilson

“The smile that you send out returns to you.”-Indian Wilson & from the liner notes of The Beach Boys’ “Smiley Smile” album.

“It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.”-Yogi Berra

“When it’s over, it’s not over.”-Paula Abdul, when a contestant was eliminated on American Idol

“Don’t hate the black, don’t hate the white. If you get bit, just hate the bite.”-Sly Stone

“No matter how little money or possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.”-Louis Sabin

“I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.”-Frank Sinatra

“The best job you’ll ever have is the one that precedes the one you always wanted.”( the late agent and producer Pat Faulstich pointed out we often don’t appreciate a job until after we’ve left it).

“I don’t know who you are, what you want, or why you are so nasty. Good day.”-Professor Jay Rosen ( Jay Rosen) responding to someone on Twitter who gave him a difficult time.

“Live everyday as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.”-Muhammad Ali

“Each year at Thanksgiving I try to find someone less fortunate than me to help, and it’s getting harder to find someone every year.”-Soupy Sales

“As I once said, I was the future once.”-British Prime Minister David Cameron at his final Prime Minister’s Question Time.

“You can always trust America to do the right thing after it has exhausted all other options.”-Winston Churchill

“The graveyards are filled with indispensable men.”-Charles de Gaulle

“The older I get, the better I was.”-Van Dyke Parks

Any quotes you care to add?

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