Time Soon for Another Birthday Morning

Friday, May 5th is another birthday for me.

I’ve been told not to tell people online how old I am but you have guessed I’m over 35. That’s sort of the dividing line when birthdays don’t matter so much. I used to start thinking in January that I’d be another year older in May and how significant that extra year was. But now it doesn’t seem to matter much.

I’m Eighteen by Alice Cooper

Some people like everything; every awards show, every reality show, every national holiday, love all the local sports teams. Not me. Wish it was me. But there are certain things I’m into and I’m passionately into them. So I do like my birthday and the Christmas holidays. I feel healthy and I think I act the same, or at least I act younger than my age so I don’t dread another year added to my age.

When I Grow Up by The Beach Boys (1964)

I always get these, “you’re getting old, ha-ha-ha” type of cards. Not sure why. My co-workers got me that card in 1984 and a whole different set of co-workers in a different industry got me the same exact card in 2001.

When I Grow Up by The Beach Boys (2012)

This is the 30th consecutive year I will spend my birthday with my wife Carla. 1988 was the first time and we had a great time as I visited her in Holland before we got married. When something goes well, I always try it again. But around my birthday in Holland in 1989 I got one of my worst colds. It may not have been my worst cold ever but I haven’t gotten one as bad since. If you get a cold in Holland you’re taking it home. So I haven’t been in Holland for my birthday since 1989.

Everything That Touches You/Birthday Morning by The Association

2012 was my first year without a dog since 1994. Our dog Duffy had reached the end of her long life on April 19, 2012. We got Pepper on October 13, 2012. So since 2013 I share the day with Pepper. One year without a dog on your birthday is too many years.

If you think of the year, you’d expect May 5th to be a beautiful spring day. It’s usually alright but it’s probably about low 60Fs. So it’s not carefree like a summertime birthday but it has to be better than people who have birthdays in the dead of winter.

A funny story from a friend; her daughter woke up on her fourth birthday and wondered why she wasn’t significantly taller since she was no longer three years old!

You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra

There are some birthday songs. The obvious one is “Birthday” by The Beatles. Having been alive during the release of “The White Album” I never cared much for the song, not that I think it’s bad. The Association recorded a beautiful song called, “Birthday Morning” from their “Birthday” album that I listen to every year on my birthday and my memory is that I bought the album on my birthday in 1968. And though I’m not “Eighteen” that song by Alice Cooper, which I’ve been listening to since my birthday in 1971 is still a real anthem for me. I remember The Beach Boys singing, “When I Grow Up To be a Man” in 1964 and they were still wondering on the 2012 reunion tour. Just recently Carla reminded me about Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party” and I’m embarrassed I forgot that. Judy and Johnny have been messing up birthday parties since 1963. Sadly Lesley Gore passed away in 2015 so she won’t be there to enjoy my day.

It’s My Party by Lesley Gore

Since 2008, I get a lot of people I know, and some that I don’t but are just officially connected to me on social media, that wish me happy birthday. It’s a very nice feeling to see the messages on my pages and I have tried to answer them all in the past.

Now that I have my own company, and work from home, there’s no big office birthday parties. I don’t miss those. The feel for the parties had to do with how busy people were and if they were in the mood to hang out. And since I’m not hungry mid-to-late afternoon, I wasn’t really in the mood for cake, for my birthday or other co-workers’ birthdays. You had to eat the cake or you’ll be the topic of conversation. #WhyisntBarryeatingthecake was always a trending topic.

If you had told me 25 years ago, I’d be this age, I would think that’s old. But I’m fine with it. Which reminds me of this Keith Richards’ quote:

Thanks to everybody on social media who lets me, be me. As Frank Sinatra sang; You Make Me Feel So Young.

The cover of The Association’s 1968 album “Birthday”

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