The Endarkenment

From class to ass
From cool to fool
From grace to gross
From gravy to gruel
From force to farce
From droll to drool
From treasure to trash
From mustang to mule
From regal to ratched
From thoughtful to cruel

From bear to boor
From jewel to jerk
From nice to nasty
From smile to smirk
From smart to smut
From tango to twerk
From teacher to tweeter
From boss to berserk
From valiant to vulgar
From listen to lurk

From heartfelt to hateful
From captain to kid
From hero to whore
From skating to skid
From ups to oops
From do to undid
From careful assemblage of network and grid
To bloated tumescence of ego and id

From healthy to hell
From dreamy to drear
From student to stooge
From freedom to fear
From bon mot to bunk
From astute to unclear
In transit (through twilight) from focus to blear
Be a glow in the gloom when th’Endarkenment’s here