If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

I think impeachment would be a firestorm for the Republican party, who after all, would be required to push through any impeachment. Trump supporters in currently red districts would wreak havoc at the polls in the following election—most likely creating a much more populist, nativist Republican party, further isolating it from its traditional corporate backers.

I think the “revolt” aspect of your piece is most likely alarmist, although I see where you coming from. The difficult reality is that many of these rural counties are depopulating. Much of the agricultural output is through giant agribusinesses now. Most urban areas either get food from surrounding farms and imports from abroad. And so many rural family farms produce commodity crops for feed or export that they ironically don’t grow food to feed themselves. If, as you say, they “quit America,” I don’t think they have many arrows in the quiver. In fact, a big animating factor for them is that the rest of America already seems to be shrugging its shoulders at their situation. They why they voted they way they did. They feel forgotten & ignored.

The reality is we’re going through a grinding economic transition. Hopefully leaders will eventually emerge with ideas on how to reimagine our economy for the future. The biggest concern is the fragmentation of the media and how people get information. Your points on this are spot on (and worrisome). Thanks for sharing.

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