MADELEINE WOOD. My experience promoting electronic music vocalist on youtube.

Since February 2017 we have produced 9 short videos promoting several original tracks featuring vocals of miss Madeleine Wood, australian recording artist.

Aim was to film, edit short videos and publish them on the same day with minimal time and budget. The videos supposed to be under 2 minutes in length, compatible with both 16:9 hd format as well as instagram video size 1080x1080 px. Please check them out.

Madeleine Wood — SPACEMAN
Madeleine Wood — Dirty Vegas
Madeleine Wood — Cmin 2getme (original )
Ariana Grande — Everyday (cover y Madeleine Wood)
Kylie Minogue — Love at first sight (cover by Madeleine Wood)
Madeleine Wood — Unite (original)
Selena Gomez — Killém with kindness (cover)
Chainsmokers feat. Daya — Don'Let me Down (cover)