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Will provide a heart family with a counselling/support session.


Will give a heart mum the gift of a week’s worth of meals as she sits by her heart child’s bedside in hospital.


We have trained family support staff that support families while they face the challenges of living with a child with a heart defect.


Will provide food and travel support for an out-of-town family for a week whilst their child is in Starship.

Heart Kids supports over 2,800 children and families by providing them with practical, emotional and psychosocial services — be it specialist equipment, information, leadership development for heart youth and adults, a camping experience, an opportunity to connect with other families, a hot meal for hospital-bound families, or just a shoulder to cry on. Your kind donations will help us continue providing heart children and families free access to our 50+ services.We’re not funded by the Government and we simply can’t do this without your help.Please know that your donation today makes such a difference to Heart Kids’ ability to support heart kids and families throughout life.

  • We provide 20 specialist machines a year to kids that need to regularly monitor their blood, enabling parents to do at-home checks instead of multiple hospital visits.
  • We provide emergency travel packs containing food, petrol vouchers, toiletries and other essentials to Heart Kid families at Starship hospital.
  • We assist with funding for research into congenital heart defects and treatments.

Originally published at donate.heartkids.org.nz.

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