Android Development Best Practices: Productivity Guide

Bartosz Kraszewski
Jun 13 · 6 min read

Use Preview tab for checking UI

Use unit test for testing pure, android free code

data class User( val name: String, val id: Long)data class MeetingDetails(
val meetingOwnerName: String,
val meetingOwnerId: Long,
val canCancel: Boolean)
fun processMeetingInfo(attendees: List<User>, currentUser: User, ownerId: Long): MeetingDetails
fun shouldAllowCancelMeetingIfCurrentUserIsOwner(){
//setup phase
val currentUser = User(“Joe”, 1)
val attendees = listOf(User(“Joe”, 1), User(“Jane”, 2))
//evaluation phase
val meeting = processMeetingInfo(attendees, currentUser, 1)
//assertion phase

Fake it ‘till you make it

fun shouldShowOnboarding(prefs: SharedPreferences): Boolean{
//return prefs.contains(ONBOARDING_SHOWN)
// TODO — just for testing, remove before going to production!
return false

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