Droidcon Berlin 2019 recap: day 1 — barcamps

Bartosz Kraszewski
Jul 1 · 3 min read

This year I finally got a chance to visit european startup capital — Berlin! This city is famous as huge technology hub, also hosting one of biggest Droidcon Conference in the World. What are my thoughts on day 1? Let’s take a look.

First day is called “Barcamp day” — you can think about it as introduction and warm up before 2 days of intensive, full of technical sessions schedule. During day 1 I had time to visit sponsors stand, attend workshops or discussion panels. What caught my eye?

Google Experts booth — you could easily get a chance to talks with Google Experts on Android, Google Play, Android TV or Flutter regarding your questions on technology, thoughts and complains — even schedule 1:1 session to review your app ux or vitals — really cool idea.

I attended 2 discussion panels — seems that this for of presentation is getting more and more popular.

First was Google Play Store & Other App store policies. Google is infamous because of random, automated ban awards for indie developers and small companies for strange reasons — like ever-working with suspended account few years ago even you don’t keep any relationship now. I also wasn’t aware how much Great Firewall of China is affecting Android Development — you can’t use Google Play Services, Firebase, Google Ads and even Stripe in China — and getting permission to run your operations there is long and painful process. Discovery of a day was F-Droid — Free and Open Source apps repository — small team of 5 is personally reviewing code of submitted apps and so far no malware was detected — great place to find safe app!

Second panel I attended “What will we be developing in next 5 years” confirmed my future supposition — probably Android will be still here — question is in which form: still as a shiny, sexy app platform, or legacy machine similar to Windows XP running ATM’s? Mobile development is still a thing, and no matter if you prefer native, flutter or web — those are just tools to use, and you have to pick right tool for right job.

Few flash talks caught my eye:

Frank C.T. Tamre had energetic session “Lessons I Wish I Knew When Starting Android Development” — but he shared thoughts far beyond android development — 24 great advices to programmer willing to learn new things — in short — whatever you are learning, know fundamentals, don’t get distracted by hype, stay systematic, think about end — 100% agree.

Łukasz Wiśniewski presenter this library — Voyager — solution for routing and dependency injection I didn’t see in Flutter before — with a well thought roadmap for future.

Miriam Busch had her session about cross platform development in utterly interesting way — first introducing current alternatives for cross platform development than reversed session formula — asked audience to share thoughts and experiences — I noticed Flutter is production ready and can be finally a thing for startups and small companies while native is only option if you want to stay up to date with phones and system features. And there is no suprise Android Community still hate React Native

I think first day was well organized, no technical problems, lot’s of coffee and sponsors booth full of gadgets, however we had slight meal crysis — lunch portions were symbolic and disappeared immediately — so lesson learned — bring your own food for a conference or stay hungry :)

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