Starting Off The New Year Right- Or At The Very Least Trying

New Year: New Me

Growing up, I never gave the new year a second thought. It was more of an annual occurrence that I just went through, endured, and got past mainly anticipating the short three more days to my birthday. This year, however, I felt different.

Senior year of high school drained me beyond belief. It wasn’t much of a physical drain, more-so it was an emotional and psychological drain. I felt as though I was suffocating in my own actions. Everything I did lacked purposed, lacked reason, lacked passion. College applications came and went. I fell in love, grown to hate, and fell in love again with the delete button on the Common Application interface. It seemed as though the January 1st deadline couldn’t come soon enough.

And now, here we are. The new year is here and I did not feel any different. There wasn’t that feeling of euphoria everyone told me about, nor was I feeling the weight lift off my shoulders. I decided that the only way to get past this was to spur on change head-on. Embrace and become the changes I wanted to see in my life.

So here we are in my “new year resolution post”. I wanted to document the year 2018 in all of its glory on medium. I wanted to have a tangible medium (yes-punny I know) to document my life through stories and thoughts that escape with each day.

Moreover, I wanted to have something to work on, someplace to vent, and someplace to just be myself through the screen of my computer. This year will be a wild one, and I hope that y’all join me on this ride through 2018.