A Lynching Attempt. Business As Usual.

This is what happens when Jews accidentally drive into an Arab neighborhood. I think this is East Jerusalem, but am not sure.

Notice the “journalist” with his helmet filming the whole thing.

These Arab neighborhoods get free electricity and water from the Israeli government. The houses are built illegally. They pay no taxes. Their economy is based on handouts from the Israeli, American and European governments, and doing business with Jews stupid and greedy enough to hire them.

Needless to say, neither Bibi and the Likud nor Bennett and Jewish Home have any plan to deal with them, or desire to do anything meaningful. Obviously, Lieberman does not either-he’s a cowardly hypocrite whose stern rhetoric was only a pose to get elected. Every once in a while, when the Arabs succeed in killing some Jews, the government makes a symbolic gesture, like bulldozing a handful of illegal Arab houses in Jabal Mukaber, ignoring the tens of thousands of others. The houses quickly get rebuilt, and the government ignores it.

The only way to deal with this problem is through mass evictions and deportations. No sane, functional government can sustain hundreds of thousands or millions of hostile residents who are opposed to its very existence, and whose murderous hatred for the majority population is only tempered by fear of individual consequences.

The current government is neither sane nor functional, and it’s impossible to imagine a sane and functional government coming into power through the Israeli “democratic” framework.

Very sad that neither of these Jews had the means and the desire to defend himself.


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