You repeat a misunderstanding of what “Affirmative Action” really does.

Affirmative action means hiring minorities for their ethnic affiliation. Don’t try to church it up-we all know the deal, it’s been pushed in our faces for 40 years.

>You have to meet basic job qualifications

Basic job qualifications to be a modern day American journalist amount to knowing how to operate spellcheck and being able to pick your nose without it bleeding. Also, ctrl-c+ctrl-v from Media Matters emails.

> “Quotas” and “reverse discrimination” have become the headline for the fragile White person.

Project much?

>However, Affirmative Action mostly requires employers to increase outreach to groups that previously suffered demonstrable discrimination in hiring.

“Demonstrable discrimination” as demonstrated by such metrics as the Four Fifths Rule. Brilliant.

>I had a similar experience, but there was absolutely a justification for my paycheck. I was good.

That’s the Dunning Kruger kicking in.

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