CFR and Trilateral Commission Members In Trump’s Cabinet (And Hillary’s Ghost Cabinet)

If you’ve read your Professor Carroll Quigley and Professor Thomas Sutton, you know the role that CFR and the Trilaterals play in US foreign and domestic policy. These two NGOs were set up by David Rockefeller and the rest of the Wall Street crowd to set US government policy and provide a sort of employment agency/personnel bank for crucial governmental and corporate positions in order to make sure that policy is enacted.

For instance, Obama’s cabinet was full of CFR guys in key positions. One of the key emails released in recent Wikileaks was sent on 8 October 2008 from Michael Froman, a CFR member who was an executive of Citigroup, to John Podesta. In the email, Froman mapped out the incoming cabinet.

If you want to understand the role and functioning of the American Deep State, CFR and the Trilateral Commission are crucial.

Fortunately, both bodies publish a list of their members. The CFR’s list is here. The Trilateral Commission’s list is here.

So, let’s take a look at Trump’s incoming cabinet.

None of the incoming cabinet members are on the Trilateral Commission.

There are two cabinet members who are taking marginal positions and who are CFR members:

Robert Lighthizer (Trade Representative)
Elaine Chao (Secretary of Transportation)

And that’s it.

Contrast that with the cabinet Hillary Clinton would have appointed, had she won the election:

Parenthetically, Clinton is not a member of CFR. Her husband and daughter are. She’s given eight speeches there. In this one, given while she was Secretary of State, she explicitly says that CFR was setting her policy. In this email, she says she’s going to CFR to report on progress she’s made while at State.

Her Secretary of State would have been John Podesta. He’s not a CFR guy, though the Center for American Progress which he founded seems to be an affiliated shop. His sister, Mae Podesta, is a CFR member-you can read the email chain where Podesta is going back and forth with her about the ways he can get her into CFR here.

CFR members in the ghost cabinet:

Sheryl Sandberg would have been Secretary of the Treasury.

Michele Flournoy would have been Secretary of Defense. She’s also on the Trilateral Commission.

Tom Donilon would have been either the director of the CIA or national intelligence. Donilon is also on the Trilateral Commission.

In short, given the historical degree to which CFR and the Trilateral Commission have been represented in key cabinet roles in the last 60 years, this is a quiet revolution against the American Deep State. Unless something major happens, like Trump getting assassinated, I expect profound policy changes.

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