I find this blog accurate in it’s assessment but the question I have is there even a counterbalance…
Ben Brettmann

Good question.

The last time there was any sort of mildly organized effort in the US government that was focused on the interests of the citizens that I’m aware of was the Reece Commission in 1954. The lead investigator for the committee, Norman Dodd, was interviewed 30 years later. Well worth watching: https://youtu.be/YUYCBfmIcHM

The Reece Commission was quashed by the Eisenhower White House. Eisenhower was a big guy in CFR.

I’m sure there are individuals in the government who might be opposed to the people in charge and the policies they enact due to their effect on American citizens. The second those individuals show signs of becoming anything other than an official opposition, they are marginalized/shunted off to a dead end/have their careers terminated on spurious or real charges/have terrible accidents. Any bureaucracy or serious organization has effective mechanisms to deal with internal dissenters and saboteurs.

I suspect that at a certain level, you have to have a “handle”, meaning, dirt that can be used to destroy you at will, in order to be trusted and advance. It’s not just a safety measure but also an assurance of trustworthiness. There was a constant undercurrent of that at Group, on some level, and when you think about how low level Group is in the big picture, it’s hard to imagine that when the stakes are hundreds or thousands of times higher, there would not be a control mechanism. I suspect the stuff we’re seeing coming out of Pizzagate has to do with this.

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