On Tony Podesta’s…Unusual Taste In Art (originally published 27 November)

This Washington Life article from 2015 talks about how Tony Podesta’s house is full of art by Serbian artist Biljana Djurdjevic (who paints realistic paintings of terrified beaten/bound children and also dead kids, according to Google image search on her name.)

The article also discusses how he hosts pizza parties with James Alefantis, a DC lawyer who is the central figure in #pizzagate, and whose Instagram feed was full of inside jokes about murder and pedophilia before he took it down (fortunately, it was archived by concerned citizens before being taken down.)
Alefantis owns Comet Pizza and was listed as one of DC’s 50 most powerful people in GQ. He must make some good pizza.

The recent hysteria about “fake news” is motivated by the fact that these kinds of stories and their associated documentation can only spread through social media, and Facebook/Twitter do not want to provide an uncontrolled platform for their spread.

Personally, I have no issue believing that there are people in today’s West who take transgression as a cardinal value, and who use it as a way to build group cohesion. But in today’s West, almost all of the old boundaries have been dissolved. Very few taboos are left to transgress against. Pedophilia and cannibalism are still taboo.