Pentagonal Donut-so, the outside is weird and the inside is junk?

“Yeah, this is an update, Pentangular Donut has now been deprecated, Angular 8, Tesseract Dorito is now out. All documentation is in AIDSscript, a superset of Typescript, though, of course, you are free to use ES5-we just don’t have any documentation available explaining how to do so. Documentation consists of 1 (one) to-do list walkthrough tutorial (doesn’t work) and 300 pages of gibberish we made up that you need a PhD in comp sci to begin to understand. None of our old APIs work, and if you attempt to invoke them, you will get a 80 line error trace, which is completely unreadable. Same goes for our new APIs.”

Angular, you’re the worst.

Written by

Settler in the Shomron. Tech/manufacturing/marketing/history.

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