Strange Tales Of Terror

I don’t understand this story at all.

The guy was a kid in a guerrilla war, who picked up a weapon and used it to kill an American soldier. This is the name of the game. He obviously forfeited any protections he had as a civilian, and USSF would have been perfectly right to kill him on the spot. According to the Geneva Convention, non-uniformed combatants have forfeited their protections and may be executed.

Nonetheless, the Americans were guided by their ROE, which states that anyone who is not posing a threat can’t be engaged, and since he’d already thrown the grenade, Khadr was obviously no longer a threat.

The wisdom of trying to win a guerrilla war with the hardest people on earth, the Afghans, by impressing them with your niceness, is obvious. Why wouldn’t you?

Then, they took him prisoner. OK, fine, if you have a guerrilla war and you take guerrillas prisoner, you’ve got to either execute them or park them somewhere for the duration of the conflict. Some miserable pen, hopefully where they won’t escape. Obviously, you’re not going to convince most of them of the rightness of your cause, so you’ve got to keep them out of the game.

So the Americans sent Khadr to Guantanamo, a prison where terrorist masterminds were to be milked of all useful information.

Now, I’ve been to Afghanistan, and there is no shortage of prisons, public, private and semi-private. The Americans probably could have asked their local tribal leader to park Khadr in his personal pen, and he would have been happy to oblige. Why send him across the world and hold him in a place designed for Dr. Evil?

Oh, right, his Canadian citizenship. I mean, duh. Why wouldn’t you?

So, they’ve got him in Guantanamo, and they put him on trial for murder. This, from a country which loved Red Dawn, the Patriot, Spartacus, etc. If this little shit is a murderer, so is every guerrilla ever. And they convict him! Make any sense?

I mean, a guerrilla puts himself outside the law. If you catch him, you can torture him, kill him, keep him in a stock pen for 10 years. But putting him on trial, as though the context of his actions was that he was a high schooler in Wisconsin, is ridiculous.

Then, he goes back to the Land of Tim Hortons, and the Canadians (a nation whose soldiers have been, for the 16 years since the beginning of this idiotic story, killing Muslim guerrillas in all sorts of ways without even a “sawry, eh?”) decide to pay him a bunch of money.

Bizzarro world.

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