What a great victory! A “new” settlement!

Netanyahu is, as usual, a lying sack of garbage.


What is actually going on is this: there is a hilltop next to Shilo, 2 minutes from my house. Families and young single guys built a settlement there called Geulat Tzion.

Then our wonderful right-wing government destroyed their houses. This was about 2 years ago, so it was Netanyahu’s decision.


There was no legal ruling, no nothing. They just decided to destroy the place.

The young guys held out, building a shack out of plywood and squatting there.

Every couple of weeks, our government’s wonderful police and secret police, the Shabak, would raid them in the middle of the night. They would arrest anyone they could. The kids had ducks and a donkey, and the cops destroyed the pen and chased them off down the valley. They would destroy the shack. The kids would come back and rebuild.

This has been going on for years.

When the Arab house in Duma burned down, the cops went after these kids. They staged provocations, using their undercover mistaarvim, the cops who pretend to be Arabs, and arrested the kids who responded:


Now, this garbage government has decided that they will kill two birds with one stone. They’ve “broken ground” to replace the settlement of Amona, which they themselves destroyed for no good reason-what a mitzvah! What a good, Zionist government! I mean, the small text reads that the displaced families of Amona will not be able to move in for at least another three years, and will remain squatting in barracks in deplorable conditions, but, hey, it’s something. And they’re getting rid of the kids of Geulat Tzion who’ve been fighting for the rebuilding of the settlement, squatting there in all seasons in the most primitive conditions, suffering constant persecution by the state.