As cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we’re sometimes divided on which digital assets to buy — bullish on certain projects and bearish on others.

But we all agree on one thing, which is that the overall cryptocurrency industry will achieve long-term growth and future adoption.

The Base Protocol makes it possible to invest with this consensus. BASE allows traders to speculate on the entire industry with one token.

The Base Protocol is the world’s first and only tokenized cryptocurrency market tracker. By holding BASE tokens, users can get exposure to the performance of the entire cryptocurrency market. …

As Base shifts to being a community-led rebasing token, we feel that it is the right decision to shift some of the Base holdings from our company to the community.

We want to incentivize the community to interact with Base as they desire, and to reward those who have been in the community for the longest period of time.

We will be airdropping 3% of the total Base supply to the community. The airdrop will be based on how long each user has held Base, and users who sold Base will not be eligible for the airdrop. …

Acknowledging the community’s feedback on the BASE 2.0 proposal and providing an update on Base Protocol’s future direction.

BASE Direction

As many of you know, the Base Protocol team recently released materials on what we’ve referred to as “BASE 2.0,” a potential version of BASE that seeks to achieve the crypto market cap price peg by different methods than network-wide supply adjustments.

The merit to this idea is that it opens up a way for BASE to be “backed” and allows for better compatibility across popular DeFi platforms and centralized exchanges / lending platforms.

However, it requires more dev support to maintain…

We are excited to announce that Base Protocol has expanded its integration with market-leading decentralized oracle network Chainlink. Our new integration involves Base Protocol using Chainlink Keepers to automate the regular maintenance of our rebasing function. By automating the triggering of our daily rebase at 10:00PM UTC through Chainlink’s decentralized network of professional DevOps, supply adjustments to BASE are carried out in a highly reliable and trust-minimized manner. …

We’re publishing this article to update the community on the three biggest topics that have come up in Base Protocol’s second quarter of 2021: Twitter, BASE 2.0 and power week.

The Twitter Puzzle

We originally planned for the power week to happen from April 4th through April 10th. However, the official Base Protocol Twitter account was suspended in late March. At the time, it was plain to assume that this was some easily resolvable mistake. There had been a sweeping round of suspensions on crypto-related twitter accounts in that same time, and several of the accounts were quickly reinstated.

It seemed like the…

We are collaborating with PAID Network to assess the viability / lay out the technical roadmap to build BASE lending contracts on PAID SMART Agreements! In this blog post, we illustrate BASE’s unique value proposition as a borrowable asset, today’s challenges in lending rebase tokens, and how PAID SMART Agreements can make it possible to lend BASE without exposure to rebases.

BASE as a Borrowable Asset

BASE is a token whose price is pegged to the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. In effect, BASE price reflects the overall crypto industry — like the “S&P 500" for crypto. …

Everything you need to know about the BASE Cascade V2.

The Cascade V2 Rewards Multiplier

The Rewards Multiplier is a feature of the Cascade where users earn bonus shares in the rewards pool based on how long they’ve staked their LP tokens.

  • After 30 days, users earn a 2x rewards multiplier.
  • After 60 days, users earn a 3x rewards multiplier.

Simple in theory — but there’s one challenge. What would your effective multiplier be if you’ve made multiple deposits at different points in time?

We’ve addressed this in the V2 update. The Cascade V2 now tracks individual multiplier progress for each instance of a deposit…

Security Assessments & BASE CertiKShield Insurance


The CertiK Foundation has performed a full security assessment on the BASE Cascade V2, a “QuickScan” audit on all Base Protocol code, and has added Base Protocol’s profile to the Secured Projects Leaderboard.

We have also introduced CertiKShield to the BASE ecosystem. CertiKShield is a decentralized alternative to insurance with community risk and rewards. With CertiKShield, Base Protocol is now insured for up to $100k per month against extraordinary, damaging events (hacks, exploits, etc.). BASE holders also have the ability to Shield their BASE tokens. Learn more about CertiKShield here.

BASE Cascade V2: CertiK Security Assessment

See the full Cascade V2 report in the audit history…

🔥 Recording Breaking Launch

Base Protocol came out with one of the biggest, most viral token launches on any DEX — breaking several records for Uniswap trading.

  • Base Protocol reached over $330M in volume in the first week of trading, with the BASE-ETH pair ranking #1 on Uniswap.
  • At its peak, Base Protocol exceeded $100M in 24-hour trading volume, where BASE ranked #1 for Uniswap volume.
  • BASE grew from an initial market cap of $762,000 to an all-time high of over $80,000,000.
  • BASE spent several days as the #1 hottest token on DEXTools, and came in as the #1 most trending token of the…

As the Base Protocol team has already shared with our community through several different channels, an upgrade to the Cascade is coming. This upgrade addresses several aspects of the Cascade that the team has identified in the month since launch that don’t meet our standards of quality. Our goal is to address the volatility in your Cascade rewards. It’s important to ensure that all Cascade stakers receive a predictable share of what they’re owed.

At the same time, many early stakers in the current Cascade have crossed the 30 day mark, and are now owed their 2x rewards multiplier. So…

Base Protocol

The Base Protocol ($BASE) is a crypto asset whose price is pegged to the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. This blog is managed by its founders.

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