Yield Farming BASE + SUSHI 🍣

BASE has officially been selected for the Onsen Menu — Sushiswap’s new liquidity mining rewards system! Through the Onsen, BASE holders can earn BASE and SUSHI rewards for providing liquidity in the BASE-ETH pool on SushiSwap. Follow this 3-step guide to learn how:

Step 1: Add Token List

Go to the BASE-ETH pair on SushiSwap.

Click the “Select Token” button.

You will then be prompted to “Choose a list.”

Click “Select” for the SushiSwap Menu list.

Great! You can now add liquidity to the BASE-ETH pool on SushiSwap.

Step 2: Provide BASE Liquidity

Enter equal parts BASE and ETH into the input fields, then add liquidity.

In return, you will be issued BASE-ETH SLP tokens.

Step 3: Earn Onsen SUSHI Rewards

Once you have acquired your BASE-ETH SLP tokens, go to the Onsen Menu.

Search for BASE and click “Approve Staking.”

🎉🎉 Congratulations! ❤️🍣

You can now stake your BASE-ETH SLP tokens to earn SUSHI rewards.

…while earning BASE rewards for providing liquidity on SushiSwap!

Join the Base Protocol Telegram or Discord if you have any questions.

Note: if you are already providing BASE liquidity on Uniswap and would like to switch, click here to migrate your Uniswap LP tokens to SushiSwap LP tokens.



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Base Protocol

Base Protocol

The Base Protocol ($BASE) is a crypto asset whose price is pegged to the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies. This blog is managed by its founders.