“How I participated in Singapore Smart Port Hackathon”

Story told by BaseRide COO Evgeni Makarov

This weekend I took part in a Singapore Smart Port Hackathon. My idea for participation was to know more about how port works and to try hackathon — never tried before.

Organizers provided a lot of data to analyze — vessels motion, truck motion, delays, and a lot of other (more than 70 millions of rows). I proposed a project about analytics of trucks motion that attending port to understand impact of port to the city infrastructure and maybe find a solution to problems.

Three other participants joined my team and we pitched the idea about wider possibilities of analytics and better communication tools to handle container delivery from/to the port to minimize port impact to the city infrastructure. We called project Smart Truck.

During this weekend I tried several technologies that I hadn’t time to try before, especially CartoDB, Bluemix. I find both very convenient to use and interesting and I put my best efforts to make something interesting in data analytics space. Colleagues were developing story, presentation and made mockups of sharing-economy like app for container delivery.

Here’s link to one of most interesting maps I managed to create from data:

Fig. Screenshot from mashup Activity of trucks that operate with the port

We won 1st place in Data Analytics category and 3rd overall prize.

The whole mashup is available here: http://smart-truck-for-hackatone.eu-gb.mybluemix.net/ But I will not support it indefinitely running.

To get the results, I’ve used python to clean the data, CartoDB for visual effects, IBM Bluemix as a cloud and NodeJS as a development framework for web app. All took about 8 hours of work. My colleagues Graeme, Daniel and Abhishek — worked with InvisionApp, Tableau and created the presentation and pitch.

I mentioned that some participants came to the event with ready ideas but my advice to come with a fresh mind and create idea right at the hackathon — much more interesting.The hackathon was also good for networking — several people talked about some future possible projects that we can do together.

As a result I may say that hackathons are a good kind of events to make rapid prototyping, brainstorming and testing of new ideas.

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