That time former New York Giant “Dude” Esterbrook walked from New Orleans to Baltimore

Thomas “Dude” Esterbrook in his Louisville duds circa 1888
I traded an Eric Lindros rookie card for this when I was 10. Absolutely the best trade I’ve ever made.
May 1, 1901 New York Times
Empires have been made on such advice
Hugh Duffy, .440 hitter and swell guy, circa 1895
August 22, 1894 Pittsburgh Press
July 12, 1894 New York Evening Telegram
July 28, 1894 Baltimore Sun
Snark was officially invented on this day.
January 31, 1897 Philadelphia Inquirer — Man with parrot seeks rich widow
December 22, 1900 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle — “Dude” looks for work
“Dude” showing his technique



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I’m Justin, I write about dead baseball players and the forgotten history of baseball’s early days. Emphasis placed on the bizarre, scandalous and macabre.