Starting with a 7" EP and book by South London punks Wat Tyler. ‘Sexless’ was released in 1993 - the 7" comes on black or pink vinyl (I have the black one).

First the booklet: Sexless is a piss-take of Madonna’s erotic art-house coffee-table book ‘Sex’ (released 1992), from which Madonna teaches the reader about sex and errotica. Apparently the Madonna version is the fastest selling and most sought-after coffee-table book of all time, even today, and it’s out of print! In 1992 the price tag was a whopping £25. The Wat Tyler version was priced at £2.50 and includes photos of a half naked Sean Forbes (Wat Tyler drummer / singer) climbing over a wall.

The Music: It’s Wat Tyler… if you are interested in British punk music from the mid-80’s to late-90’s ala Snuff, Leatherface, etc… then I recommend you check out Wat Tyler. Wat Tyler are known for their surreal humour, changing styles, and piss-take references to popular culture. Four tracks in all:

  • Justify Your Book (the theme song… having a bash at Madonna’s book)
  • It Makes Me Belch (Cabbage Patch Kids, Jimmy Hill and Jim Davidson)
  • Coming Home (The Pirates Intercept) (Pirate song, including reference to Captain Birdseye)
  • Perry Groves (ex Arsenal / Southampton player).

Listen to the entire EP here…

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