There’s room for Tua

This is the day college football fans slightly dread all season long. When die-hard college football fans wake up today, there won’t be a game on until somewhere around Labor Day. For football fans in general it is a sad day. It’s the first sign that the days of watching America’s favorite sport are numbered.

With the National Championship ending the fashion that it did, I think it is fitting to dive in a little closer on the impact of this championship. Yes, it is the signature loss for the all high and mighty Nick Saban in title town, but that isn’t important. Alabama will always be around as long as Nick Saban still has a pulse. For Clemson, it is their official coming out party. Now having two National Championships puts them on the map to be the number one competitor to Alabama. Dabo Sweeney has a program that will last long after his time as a football coach. Clemson is now a blue blood program. That’s hard to do. You can’t just wake up one day and knick on the door of the top tier college programs and announce that “you have arrived.” It comes when all the unseen hours come to shine on the biggest stage against the team in the sport. It comes with dominating games for several years regardless if it had next level talent on it or not. And it comes with the identity change that a program like Clemson had when Sweeney took over in death valley. That is the real impact of this championship.

Sure, Alabama might go onto win next years’ National Championship with Tua bouncing back and winning the Heisman and everything once again comes up roll tide. But, that doesn’t matter. It isn’t about how bad of a loss this is for the Crimson Tide. Programs like Clemson are a once in a lifetime type deal. A game changer in the sport. More rings will help the case for why a promising young football player should wear orange and white on Saturday’s but this win will be the undoubtedly be the reason why Clemson will continue to be in the top ranks of college football for many years to come. Clemson obliterated the “best Alabama team ever.” So, as much as you want to say this win is over-hyped for Clemson, history is on the side of Clemson. It is something that has never been done before. There has never been a team defeat an opposing team with this much talent and there has never been a team in college football go 15–0. Bottom line this is historic.

This will again happen to whatever team blows out the Patriots and helps secure their spot as the NFL’s next elite franchise, but until that day happens (please god make it soon), come to terms with how amazing a win like this is for any program and the obstacles that have to be dealt with to be on a stage like this. Hats off to the University of Clemson, Dabo Sweeney, and the Clemson players — enjoy being the new king on the mountain top.