Setting up the base through the basement flooring

Basement remodeling or developing is becoming a popular trend in the Edmonton. Why shouldn’t it happen? After all, your basement offers you a space to give wings to your ideas and you could create a useful space, catering to several needs of yours. But there are certain aspects, which should be paid much attention to as the structure of the basement is different from the rest of your house.

The crucial aspects, which we are referring to are the elements, such as plumbing lines, electricity lines, ventilation and most importantly the moisture. The propinquity of the basement to the ground is really close and due to this the moisture in the basement area is quite common. Now, this moisture could be a big problem if not ignored. It will not only affect the flooring of the basement, but could also affect the walls and the decors of your basement.

Flooring is crucial

When it comes to planning the basement development the majority of the people get obsessed with the decoration and the designing to make their basement as exquisite as possible by decorating it with the elegant art facts, painting the walls vibrantly and decorating them with the beautiful and sensual wall paintings and pictures. How often do these people pay equal attention to the basement flooring? Not many and they are perfectly fine with whatever looks elegant. Indeed, beautiful and premium flooring will enhance the grace of your investment, but flooring plays a vital role here, why? That’s because the moisture present in the basement could ruin the flooring and all your hard earned money will go in the drain. So, while opting for any type of flooring your first priority should be to avoid moisture.

Here we are discussing some of the selected flooring options, which will be an optimal choice to make your basement an ‘eye catching’ one. But before we proceed with the different ideas there are a few important tips to be kept in mind. A royal carpet with the color, complementing your furniture could add an aesthetic look to your basement, but if you’re thinking to spend the money on buying an expensive caret, then there’s a bad news for you. When it comes to the basement flooring, materials like tile and concrete performs far better than carpets as the carpet might have to combat with the moisture. If you’re willing to change your carpet after every 12 months or so, then you have endless options of elegant carpets in the market. The flooring system shouldn’t be complex. The simple fact is less layers means less problems and complications. The multiple layers take a lot of time to dry out. Just imagine the slippery floor after it has been washed.

You might hear the architects and the contractors mentioning the terms such as grade, below grade and above grade. These terminologies are related to the construction process and don’t have any reference to the standard of the flooring used. The grade is the ground level and above grade is used to refer to the area above the ground level whereas below grade represents below ground level i.e. the basement. Flooring for above grade differs greatly as compared to the flooring used below the ground level. The primary reason for this is the moisture and the risk of the flooded water. Above grade space generally isn’t in the risk zone of being affected by the moisture and the flooded water, but below grade comes under the risk zone.

Here are some of the promising flooring options, which are used for the purpose of below grade constructions:

- Resilient flooring: This type of flooring is done to combat the moisture and the water. It involves the use of vinyl tiles or sheet to cover the floor and provide a concrete support. Though, the tiles provide an appealing look, but vinyl sheet will be more beneficial in case of moisture and the standing water. Tiles have multiple seams between the two tiles. Water and moisture may enter the base through these seams. On the other hand, the sheet is a single block and is seamless. It won’t allow the water and the moisture to penetrate the flooring. The vinyl flooring is an affordable option, which will do the job for you and is considered as value for money option.

- Vinyl wood plank- Comes under the category of the luxury flooring, the resilient wooden plank will provide an aesthetic touch to your basement. The overall thickness of the plank is high and it results in durability. Being a thick layer it provides warm floor with the premium touch to your basement.

  • Porcelain wood like tile: Wood certainly provides an appealing touch to your basement, but unfortunately you couldn’t use the real wood in below grade level. But fortunately these wood like tile would do the job for you. These glossy tiles in the looks of wood are surely the center of attention. The best part about these tiles are that these are water resistant. Of course they are expensive, but it’s worthwhile to invest in them if you are looking to develop a beautiful basement. The only drawback is that the tiles remain cold. This could be taken care of by installing the radiant heating pads.

- Concrete plain: If you have already spent a huge amount of money on the interiors and decors of your basement, then you could even go with the simple plain concrete floor. Sounds good? It is an affordable option and if worked upon well, then it could do wonders. The texture should be plain and smooth and there shouldn’t be any kind of cracks. You could get it painted as per the furniture and the color of the walls to make a captivating combination. However, it would indeed be the coldest basement flooring and unfortunately you can’t do anything about it. It certainly requires less materials as compared to the other options, but leveling the texture and filling the cracks may require a great amount of effort.

  • Tiles: A great option to enhance the charisma of your basement. You could choose any design and color from the vast options available. It can be easily installed on the concrete floor and if you feel them cold, then you can get the heating mats installed under. In case of water flooding it would be a secured option. However, the concrete slab laying beneath the tiles will require to have a smooth finish. The uneven levels can obstruct the leveled installation of tiles.

- Floor laminate: It has made a significant place in the market, that too in a short time. The wide variety of designs and price categories could be well attributed to its success. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of waterproof laminates available. The best part about the floor laminate that you could install it yourself. When compared to the other flooring options, laminate is cheaper and it comes in the huge variety.

- Engineered wood flooring: If you’re more into exploring the wood designs, then this might wheedle your mind. Though wood doesn’t stand strong against the moisture and water, but the engineered wood is distinctive from the organic wood. All thanks to its plywood base beneath the original wood, which combat with the moisture efficiently. Though it will provide an alluring appearance to the basement, but it is an expensive option to opt for.

- Rubber flooring: You heard it right! Rubber could also be an option to complete the basement flooring, but only if you are planning to create a gym in the basement or an activity room. When it comes to the living space, rubber flooring doesn’t have many advantages to offer.


The basement development project is never complete without the proper flooring. The assistance of the experts is what your basement requires in order to have a captivating flooring. Very often people just stick to their preferences without analyzing the need of their space. This leads to the future problems consequently.

We offer complete basement development solutions and innovative and compelling flooring ideas. The primary important aspect of basement development project is flooring. We will ensure that your basement gets the best flooring. How is it done? Our architects and construction experts will analyze the details of your property and offer the creative flooring solutions. We comprehend that it is your space and your dreams could only be fulfilled when you see your preferences taking the prepossessing shape. Flooring is a critical aspect and one wrong step might become a big problem in the future.

We believe in delivering the quality and providing the extreme satisfaction to our clients. Edmonton basement development is the home to innovation. You just have to dream about your space and we will ensure that this dream turns into reality. Our core competency lies in providing the unparalleled quality and the end product because your home is your world and it should be unique in its own manner.