Training is Boring

You’re still reading? Wow. I didn’t think that the word “boring” would incite anyhow to keep reading. You must be as crazy as I am.

Why? Because extreme ironman training is routine. And routine can be boring depending on what you like. If you’re good at finding moments of small glory in routine, then bingo! It’s y/our thing, carry on.

And carry we do. On a typical day I get up, shower, and dress. Then I pack. Like I’m running away. I notice how big the pack when a photo is taken. I sort of wish I hadn’t seen it.

Just a few things for the day

I carry work wear and workout gear and I carry food, for the whole day.

I eat a lot. I eat all day and I can’t seem to find anything healthy at the cafeteria. Not even a little protein bar. Just candy. That won’t do.

Next I get on the bike and slowly make my way along the snowy road.

Get to work and change into work clothes (in my big pack).

Work all morning then go to the gym (luckily available in the building).

I put on workout wear (are you counting the changing yet?).

I lift weights then shower, change, and work some more.

Change again, hop on the bike and head home.

I enjoy the fresh air on the commute.

I do not enjoy the amount of slush on this particular day, but I decide to laugh about it. It was on my face after a car sped by me. Yes, mud on my face. This is not for everybody, is it?

The moment of glory? As I rode into the garage another cyclist happily gave me a thumbs up. I guess he likes mud on girls’ faces? Weirdo.

So, you see, training is boring.

A friend asked me how I can find all this fun.

Oh, but somehow I do! It’s all part of the process, the journey, whatever the label.

No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. Bring on the mud.

Norseman, I’m going to conquer you because I change six times a day and I get mud on my face. You’re mine.

Okay, I muse.

The truth is that it’s the alternative that is blah boring to me.

Driving a comfy car to work? Heated seats? Make-up without some mud mixed in? No sore muscles from riding on snow? No thrills from avoiding cars and icy patches? Not for me. Yawn.

I guess I’m just another muddied thrill-seeker.

Care to join in the adventure?

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