You can do it!

But first, you need to believe it.

Only an “I know I can!” will turn into “I did it!” so get past the “I don’t know” and the “I’m not sure” and the “Oh, maybe later” and above all the “I’m afraid to fail” and the “If I can’t do it at 100%, I’m not going to try at all” and believe that you can, whatever it is because most of the time the thing that’s holding you back is your own hesitation and sometimes all you have to do is believe in yourself in order to move in the direction of “done”.

Case in point. Tonight is extra hard to get out the door. Unlike in the pretty sunrise photo, tonight it’s cold and wet outside. It’s the kind of grey late winter weather that makes for a perfect excuse to stay put, stay in, skip a session. Perfect conditions for all sorts of excuses.

I sit on the couch with my book, happily escaping the dreary view outside. It gets dark and the family cozies up around an entertainment hub. They look so comfortable I could, would, should join them. I want to join them.

If only my training wasn’t on the to-do list for tonight.

I consider the option of skipping. It’s just one session.

No. Let’s turn that around before it’s too late.

I CAN do this. I know I can do this. I want to do this.

And I know that I will feel good or maybe great once I get going. I just need to get myself out the door. That’s the hardest part. Every time it’s like this, that initial step is the hardest part.

I get up. I put on a swimsuit under my running outfit so there’s no excuse to skip the swim, stuff the goggles into my pouch, and run to the Y.

Surprise! It’s beautiful out. Grey and wet, but not cold. I start running and find energy I didn’t know I had tonight. This feels so good. Fresh air.

At the Y I do my strength training and then hop into the pool. It’s all pretty short and quick, but the run — weights — swim — run sequence is a good change up from the spin and run two days ago. The body is awake and breathing.

On the run home, my swimsuit takes up more space and I have to wrap the goggles around my wrist. I’m running with swim goggles around my wrist. It’s comical, but there are hardly any people out in this sleepy weather. No one cares.

The weather is no longer sleepy to me. I feel my lungs fill with freshness. I’m breathing and Gone is the lazy sleepy feeling of earlier.

So, if you’re feeling lazy, making excuses and wondering if you should move and do something, get something done, whatever it is — just put your mind to it and get out or just do it. Yes, you can! Whatever it is. Just do it. You will feel good once you start, once you get something done, and best of all, when you can say “I did it!”

Good luck!

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