Basonas Construction Corp’s Renovation of Cristo Rey High School

“Cristo Rey High School needed extensive exterior work. All the windows on the North face needed replacement along with lintel replacement. The front brownstone entrance and stoop are being replaced with new replica stones. Significant façade masonry needs to be replaced. The front cast iron fence and railing will be restored using cast iron replicas. The west façade is covered with stucco and will be replaced with matching brick masonry restoring it to its original condition. There is also custom mill work and restoration to stained glass windows.

Michael Brion, vice president of Basonas Construction Corporation stated, ‘We have been working very closely with Michelle Noris of Norfast and the school’s management to restore this beautiful building back to health. I’m very pleased to be a part of this team and excited to see its results. My staff has been applying itself 110% to this project.’”