Dear Samsung, just move on

I’ve read multiple posts stating that Samsung should completely stop selling Galaxy Note 7 and I agree. Multiple replacement devices have reportedly caught fire.

Despite this, Samsung still plans to start shipping pre-order devices in the Netherlands on October 10* after the release was delayed when the first problems were noticed.

Where Samsung really is lacking is communication. According to The Verge Samsung knew replacement devices weren’t safe either, but didn’t say anything.

“customer safety remains our highest priority as we are investigating the matter.”

I seriously doubt if this is the case. Trusting Samsung is becoming harder and harder. Apparently replacement devices aren’t safe and potentially dangerous Galaxy Note 7′s will end up on places like eBay. I do understand that a lot of money was put into the development of this phone and that Samsung wants to not completely throw that away, but the Galaxy Note 7 — or maybe the entire Galaxy Note brand — will be tied to explosions forever. Besides this, Samsung might face all kinds of legal trouble and most importantly risk the safety of its customers.

*Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now is officially dead